It is a good idea to furnish your buy to let property. Here’s why…

It is the trend at the moment for buy-to-let properties to be let unfurnished, also known as “part furnished”, as rental properties virtually always come with fridge, washing machine, fitted bathroom, curtains and carpets. Central London is the exception to the rule where furnished properties are more in demand because of the business demand.

For a professional buy-to-let investor, this is good news. All you need to do to get a property ready for tenants is in most cases a bit of painting and carpeting work. When it comes to choose carpets, paint colours and curtains for a buy-to-let property, make sure that you choose a fairly neutral style to allow tenants to personalise their new home with their own furniture.

This simplifies things for property landlords when it comes to comply with safety regulations. A furnished buy-to-let property will typically include cushions, mattresses and pillows . Because these items are provided with the property, it is the landlord responsibility to ensure that they comply with the various safety regulations.

You should not that in every case the landlord is fully responsible for the safety of electrical and gas installations as well as appliances supplied with the property. The landlord should organise annual check and keep proper records. It comes without saying that letting properties, like any property, should have fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors installed.

These safety regulations are normally quite complex and updated regularly. Letting agents are usually well prepared to understand and ensure compliance with these safety regulations. Most of the time safety compliance is not difficult to attain, but for a new buy-to-let investor this is something they must become familiar with from the moment they go ahead and let a property.

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